Effective December 8, 2014, we will be CLOSED for the Season.
  (tagged tree customers may pick up via appt.)
We wish that we could meet everyones Christmas tree needs, but once again demand has exceeded our supply. Remember that we are a FARM, we do not sell pre-cut trees, every tree we sell is sold "on the stump." For those that have missed out on the opportunity to have one of our trees, please consider supporting a local charitable organization that sells a real Virginia Christmas tree, or better yet, support another local Farm.. Look for the "Virginia Grown" tag. Virginia grown trees filter our air and enrichen our environment .

What do you need to bring?
We often get asked that question, and our answer is simple "A checkbook and a Smile."
We are a full service farm. Upon arrival, you will be greeted WARMLY and given some suggestions on where to find your tree. Our staff will check on you, and even help you find the tree you want. Once selected, We will either provide you with a handsaw or cut the tree down for you.(Please do NOT bring along your chainsaw) Your tree will be transported to our prep area, where we will blow out any loose needles and inspect it for any Mantis eggs.
Finally we will help you load your tree onto your truck (we love trucks!) or provide you with rope to tie onto your vehicle. What could be easier than that?
We accept payment in the form of Cash and check only
We will have staff on hand. Mark your calendars and get the word out. We can't wait to see you!!

Filtering your air since Y2K

Fishersville, Virginia
We are no longer open to the general public. Our customer base is now limited to pre-existing customers only.

"Trymie" supervises
The girls (now in college) hate that I continue to use this ^ picture on the site.

Opening Black Friday!!

2014 Hours:

Friday Nov. 28 10am-dark

Saturday Nov 29 10am-dark

Sunday Nov. 30 12pm-dark

Wednesday Dec. 3  2pm-dark

Friday Dec. 5  2pm-dark

Saturday Dec. 6 10am-dark

Sunday Dec. 7 12pm-dark

**Closed for the Season effective December 8, 2014.**

Tagged trees may be cut up until Dec. 19

 We will be closed if any adverse wintry driving conditions. (if in doubt, call first)

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"Bit O Honey Farms"

Can you bring your DOG?
Few things are greater than watching your dog frolic through the fields of a Christmas Tree Farm, but doing so comes with a few rules. Here are a few guidelines to help you in making the right decision (you may also use this reference when deciding whether your should bring your husband)
Is your dog (or husband) FRIENDLY?  Means dogs and people aren't welcome here
Is your dog (or husband) likely to bother others?  Leave him at home
Is your dog likely to pee on our trees? For dogs, this is OK. As for the men....well, it happens more than you think.
Is your dog (or husband) likely to poop on our farm? Acceptable behaviour ONLY for the dogs.
Does your dog need a leash? Please bring one.
Is your dog likely to lick my wife in the face? Again, acceptable only for dogs.
All kidding aside, we welcome friendly dogs who remain under the direct and immediate control of their owner. We cannot allow territorial or aggressive dogs. PERIOD. Owners are fully responsible for the actions of their dogs, and IF any visitor or staff member asks you return your dog to the vehicle, please be prepared to do so. 

Neither rain nor snow.....
Another satisfied customer

In the Spring of 1999, we began our first planting of Canaan Firs, the hearty and fragrant cousin of Fraser Fir. The beauty and success of these local trees has been overwhelming, You'd be an honored guest at our farm, Won't you join us? 

We hope to be a part of your family Christmas tradition. Remember to come see us for early season tagging of your tree next Christmas.  
Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us via the email address at the bottom of this page. We look forward to hearing from you! 
Locally grown trees beat Chinese plastics for numerous reasons. Cutting your tree locally means that you can leave it up for a long,long time. Thank you for supporting Augusta County Agriculture!! 

   As the 2014 season rapidly approaches us, we find ourselves just a little giddy over the prospects of another year of new and renewed friendships.     
Pricing: 6-8' $50
             8-10' $70
           10-12' $90
           12'-14+ $110
           14' and up $130
Prices are based "on the stump" before cutting
         *we also offer significant discounts (up to 1/2 price) on blemished trees! Look for the yellow polka dot ribbons for  these specials.

Response to our farm has exceeded our ability to meet everyones needs. It is important to us that we can sustain the traditions that many families have begun here. We are no longer open to the public. If you would like to be added to our customer base, please email us. We will attempt to add you once our customer base allows.

5-6 ft Firs waiting their turn

Member Virginia Christmas Tree Growers Association

 Questions? e-mail us at tree.farmer@verizon.net (note "dot" after tree)

Or feel free to call us (or text!) 540-241-0613

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please visit our page at "Bit O Honey Farms" 

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